Advance setting for Blogger

advance setting for blogger

Hello, friends welcome to Technometic today we will talk about the Advance setting for blogger with this get higher and more audience on your blog and make you your Blog SEO friendly with this blogger setting.

What is SEO and how it’s work we will tell you in another article?

In this article, we will tell you about the most advanced setting of the blogger and why this setting is important for bloggers, and how to work this setting for your blog.

When you have a blog but you have not knowledge about the blogger setting then you will not get organic traffic.

For organic traffic, you must have information about all advanced settings of bloggers.

So let’s start this article without wasting any time.

Setting ✓ Basic

i) Title ✓

Name of your site title that visible to your audience put a unique and very attractive title that user is very attracted with your blog title

I advise that put title of your blog according to your blog category that will help you to get more audience.

ii) Description

  • With description, user get more information about your blog
  • With your description of your blog we more indexable in Google
  • Describe your blog in a description of up to 150 characters.

iii) Blog language✓

According to your topic and your language but I requirement only English language

iv) Adult content ✓

Show warning to blog reader you have to ON this option because when your blog in the adult content user automatically gets the notification of adult content

Setting ✓ Privacy ✓

Enable this option for all search engine are visible to your blog you have to allow this for better SEO and organic traffic.

blogger privacy setting


Enable this option to Redirect your User to HTTPS with this your blog are very secure.

blogger htttps secure setting

And Users Are Automatically Redirected to HTTPS I will show how HTTPS is very good for you.

Your Site Has Not Secure Connection Your Site Has Very Secure Connection
Google Can Penalize Your Site Because You Have Secure Connection. Google can not Penalize site because you have a secure Connection
User Will get High security with their information user will not get high security with their Information

Example of HTTP and HTTPS Are Given Below


HTTP demo



Setting ✓Formatting ✓

Time Zone

Select the time zone according to your country for Indian blogger I recommend choose GMT +5.30 India standard time – Kolkata

Custom domain

With this option, you can change to your custom domain Like .com .in .info.

All information about how to change default domain to custom domain we will provide in the upcoming article

Setting ✓Meta Tag ✓

Enable Search Description you have to enable this search description meta tag to get more indexable your site post (Content).

Meta Tag Search description

in this, you have to put your site and post category and main keyword and after this enabled search description user can get your post meta tag in google like this image below

Meta Tag Search description Demo

Setting ✓Crawlers and indexing✓

Enable custom robots header tags to enable this header tag to rank your page, post article very easily In google another search engine
Enable custom robots header tags

Archive and search page tags

the archive and search page tags must be are exactly according to the given below image.

blogger Archive and search page tags

Post and page tag

the archive and search page tags must be are exactly according to the given below image.

posts and pages tag for blogger

with this setting, your page is indexable in google.

how to put your site in google search console we will tell you in another article without submitting your site in search console all these settings are useless.

we will give all information about the search console and with bloggers directly connect your site to the search console.

So first read this article…………..  


That’s all in this article we cover all advanced setting for blogger we provide all information about blogger advance and All setting information

I hope you like it we will meet in next article with another very good topic in blogger basic to advance series.

Till Then take care goodbye.

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