Top 5 Blog Ideas That Make Money

Hello and welcome to the technocratic today we went to talk about the top 5 blog ideas that will make money in 2021

In our previous article on blogging Basic to advance series, we talk about what is blogging and blog and we also tell you about how to create a blog end earn money with a blog

In your mind, lots of questions are troubling you how I start a blog and which topic is good for blogging and which topic is trading at this time and with which topic earn more money compare to other topics.

Today your wait is over in this article we are going to talk about the top 5 blog ideas that will make money.

I hope you like this article so without wasting any time let’s started this article.

    1. Review Blog

This is a trading topic for today’s time because lots of people are searching about this ex. he/she want to buy a product before buying a product he will search for all information about the product.

ex.  you want to buy a mobile phone or any electronic product then you will research all information about it like its performative capacity, battery, price, etc.

A lot’s people are researching this information daily and this is the best niche to start a blog.

I will Give Some Prof for this niche How Much this Niche Are trading. see below image

There are some topic for review Blog

  1. Beauty Product Review
  2. Electronic product Review
  3. Man’s product Review Ex. like daily routine Product
  4. Watch Review
  5. Sport Product Review
  6. Gyming Product Review

The Next Topic in the top 5 blog ideas that will make money Is News Blog.

   2. News Blog

One of The trading topics in All Over The World News Blog Is the Daily Routine Of People Lot’s Of Want To Know About All Information Of Daily News.

This A life Time Trading Topic With This Topic You Can Make More Money Compare To other Blog Topic.

There are some topic for News Blog

  1. Sport News
  2. Trading News
  3. Politics News
  4. Bollywood and T.V News

   3. LifeStyle Blog

Most of the People Want To Look More Stylish Lot’s Of Are Searching About this on the Internet And In future lot’s of People Will Searching About This Type Of Topics Because People Are Want to be More Stylish.

There Are Some Topics For Lifestyle blog

  1. Want to look more stylish
  2. How to choose Stylish Products like clothe watch
  3. How to be more fashionable.

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More information Are Given in the image below.

Some More trading topic Example

  • Names of hairstyles for birthday in Western-style
  • Hair Smoothening tips

     4 Educational Blog

Also With Education Blog, You Will Earn Great money And this Type of Blog Grow Day By day and very helpful for students.

With This Type of Blog, You can Safe the Future of students And Make a Better World.

In Education Blog, You can give information about the competitive exam Board Exam Study Material Etc.

Some Example topic of education blog

  • Study Material
  • the short cut of any subject
  • Competitive Exam Study Knowledge and paper solution.

Some Frequently asked questions.

  • How I can Clear Any Competitive Exam
  • Study Material For Comptitive exam
  • How I can Clear My Board Exam With Good Percentage
  • How to Prepare For Any Exam.

  5) Health  And Fitness Blog

most people want to look fit and healthy the Fitness blog is growing very fast and all people want to know about who to look fit and healthy his time. then you can make this type of blog topic to earn lots of money.

In this, You can Share tips About Fitness And health And Your Daily Routine For Fitness And Health If You Good Knowledge Of fitness and health then You can try this topic for blogging.

In this type of Blog, Very Good Chance To Get More And Organic Traffic and Earn Great Money With Health And Fitness Topics.

Some frequently asked questions.

  • Should I stop going to the gym and normal routine in the gym if I have knocked my knee?
  • What are the side effects or demerits of the gym?
  • Should you drink water while Gym?
  • WorkOut  For 8 pack abs.

Some Topic In Fitness And Health Blog.

  1. Health Tips
  2. Fitness Tips
  3. Diet Tips
  4. Diet Product
  5. Best Protein Product


In Abow Article We Given Information About Top Trading Blog Topic. And With All Topic Mention In this Abow Article Are Trading At This Time.

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