How To Create Blog For Free and Start Earning

Today We Are Going To Talk About How To Create Blog For Free And Starting Earning With Blogging.

Hello friends once again, welcome all of you to this blogging basic to advance series. Last time we talked about what is blog and blogging and how to earn money with blogging If you did not read that article, then first read it so that you can get complete information and your basic clear about blogging.

At the last time, we told that in the next article we will know about how to create a blog for free and how to set up it, so now you are going to learn for the same today, so without losing any more time, let’s learn something today.

You will need only one email to create a blog, which you can create for free.


First, you have to go to the official Blogger site, when you are on the official site of the blogger, then you will be shown like the image given below.

Create Blog For Free

Blogger Home


Then you will see the screen above, after that, you have to click on Create New when you will click on Create New, it will be asked to log in, then you have to log in with your email and when you are logged in completely, you will have to show like the image below

blogger Step 1

blogger Step 1



After that you have to give the name of your blog, you can be given a name according to your category or according to your choice

 Q.1 Can we change the name of a blog

 Ans: Yes, you can change the name of the blog anytime, for that you have to go to your blogger dashboard

When you have written the name of the blog, you have to click on the next. When you click on Next, after that you will see Like the image below.

blogger Step 1

blogger Step 1

After that, you have to give your blog address. But you will get a blogger’s free domain. will be found behind your blog address If you buy a custom domain then you can connect your blog to that new domain.  Article of this series will be available soon

When you have given the address to the blog, if it is available, then click on next.  When you click, it will show you like the image below.

Create Blog For Free

blogger Step 3


  • Then give your name or that you want to show the name to the user, but I will suggest that you enter your name only.
  • After entering the name, click on finish.  After a short time process, your blog will be created which will look like the image given below.



That’s all for today I hope you liked the blog  In the next article, we will tell you about some settings of the blogger and new custom theme, till then stay tuned with us……

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