What Is Blog And Blogging | How To Make Money With Blogging

What Is Blog And Blogging | How To Make Money With Blogging


Everyone in the world wants to earn money, you will also want to earn more and more money. To make your life better, a lot of people are earning money from home. You can also earn! Yes, you can.

In today’s time, there are many ways to earning millions from home, like freelancing or YouTube, and one of the popular platforms to earn from home is blogging you can earn money by making a blog.

We are going to make a series related to blogging, in this series we give you information about how you can earn money from blogging, we are going to give complete information about blogging.
Today we will talk about “What is Blogging?” and “How to make a free blog?”, in today’s topic we will cover all your questions and doubt so let’s learn something.

What is a blog?

Blog means sharing your knowledge and thoughts on an individual or multiple topics. Looks like you are still confused to let’s understand from the beginning. For e.g. sharing your photos on social media like Facebook, Instagram which is accessible to everyone, or when someone searches in Google or in any search engine regarding your blog or content he will find your blog and content.

What is blogging?

Blogging means a blog that you made and shared digitally(social media Platforms) In a Blog we can write on any subject. Through blogging, you can earn good money like a lot of people earn.

What is a blogger?

A person who makes a blog shares some posts and gets connected with people through his knowledge, and he helps others by sharing it is called a blogger.

Can money be made from blogging?

Yes, money can be earned through blogging, many people are earning millions with blogging, you can also earn.

How to earn money from a blog?

There are many ways to earn money from blogging, I would like to tell you about the popular platform, through this platform you can earn very good money such as:-

Google Adsense

You must have visited many websites, obviously, you have also seen Advertising, in the ads you get to see written Ads by Google, it is ads provided by Adsense, with google ads people make money. If your blog is eligibel to show Google ads, then you can earn lots of money through Google AdSense

In this series you will learn everything about blogging from basic to advance, you will know about the eligibility of AdSense, what things you have to take care of and how will you get approval for Google Ads we are going to tell you everything, don’t forget to stay with us.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling someone else’s product according your ability, promoting someone else’s product in your blog when someone buy the product, then you get commission, according to product policy. With affiliate marketing you can also earn a lot of money.

Where to do affiliate marketing? Which platform is better for affiliate marketing? We will tell you in another series of affiliate marketing. Stay tuned with us.

On which subject you can do blogging?

You can make a blog on any subject that you feel good about, you can also make a blog on topics like education, technology, etc.

How to make a blog for free?

The best platform to make a blog free is Blogspot, a product of Google, you can create a blog without paying any cost.

In today’s topic, that is all we are going to know. In the next topic we will see, How to set up your blog for free from basic to advanced, stay connected with us and we will meet next time with our next topic.

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